Human Centred AI Lab
We solve problems that emerge from the interplay of humans and data/AI

The Human Centred AI Lab (HCAI Lab) is part of Data Science Institute under the Faculty of Engineering and IT in University of Technology Sydney (UTS) . The research lab focuses on exploring the links between human and AI to make AI visible, explainable, trustworthy and transparent. The aim is to develop innovative ethical AI for hunanity's productivity improvement, wellbeing enhancement, environmental sustainability achievement and effective partnership with AI.

The research areas that the lab is working on include:

HCAI Lab solves problems that emerge from the interplay of humans and data/AI. We deploy advanced techniques from data science, human-computer interaction, and behavioural sciences to help us understand and influence people’s behaviour and their interaction with information, AI systems, and other people.

HCAI Lab has been doing pioneering research in the area of linking human and AI with various research grants. We are also working with industries in human and advanced data analytics for transforming data into actionable operations particularly by incorporating human user aspects into AI and translate AI into impacts in real world applications.

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HCAI Lab welcomes applications for PhD research, capstone projects, honours projects, and master projects in various great topics! If you are interested in, please contact Dr. Jianlong Zhou:

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